D.P.2 Drama Review

D.P.2 Drama Review

D.P.2 Drama Review: “D.P.2” marks the highly anticipated return of the critically acclaimed Korean drama “D.P.” (Deserter Pursuit Unit). Following the success of the first season, this sequel throws us back into the lives of Corporal Ahn Jun-ho (Jung Hae-in) and Private Han Ho-yeol (Koo Kyo-hwan) as they navigate the harsh realities of military life and the challenges of capturing deserters.

D.P.2 Drama Review

A World of Pain and Trauma

“D.P.2” delves deeper into the emotional toll that capturing deserters takes on Jun-ho and Ho-yeol. The trauma they witnessed in the first season continues to haunt them, raising questions about the purpose of military service and the cost of enforcing it. The show doesn’t shy away from portraying the physical and psychological abuse that some soldiers endure, offering a more nuanced look at the complexities of military life.

New Faces, Familiar Struggles

While Jun-ho and Ho-yeol remain the core characters, “D.P.2” introduces a compelling new addition to the team – Sergeant Park Sung-woo (Son Seok-koo). Park, a hardened veteran with a mysterious past, brings a different perspective to the unit, forcing Jun-ho to question his methods and beliefs.

Expanding the Scope of the Story

The second season broadens the narrative scope, exploring societal issues beyond just military hazing. It delves into themes of class inequality, the pressures of family expectations, and the desperation that can drive someone to desert. This wider focus adds a layer of depth and social commentary to the drama.

Gritty Realism and Powerful Performances

The show retains its signature visual style, opting for realism over flashy action sequences. The handheld camerawork and muted color palette create a sense of immediacy and immerse viewers in the harsh realities of the D.P. unit’s work. The performances from the entire cast are phenomenal, particularly Jung Hae-in, who portrays Jun-ho’s growing internal conflict with remarkable nuance.

A Slow Burn with Emotional Payoff

Similar to the first season, “D.P.2” adopts a deliberate pacing. The focus is on character development and the emotional journeys of the D.P. unit members. This might feel slow for some viewers expecting a fast-paced action drama. However, the payoff comes in the form of powerful emotional moments that resonate long after the credits roll.

Not Just About Chasing Deserters

“D.P.2” is ultimately more than just a story about capturing deserters. It’s a poignant exploration of humanity, compassion, and the fight for justice in a system fraught with abuse and inequality. The show compels viewers to question the very concept of military service and the sacrifices it demands from young men.

A Worthy Successor, Though Not Without Flaws

“D.P.2” lives up to the expectations set by the first season. It delivers a compelling narrative, powerful performances, and a deeper exploration of the themes that resonated with viewers. However, the deliberate pacing and focus on character development might not appeal to everyone.

Here’s a breakdown of the show’s strengths and weaknesses:


  • Gritty realism and powerful performances
  • Explores emotional toll of military life and issues beyond hazing
  • Broadens the narrative scope with social commentary
  • Deliberate pacing builds emotional payoff
  • Questions the purpose and cost of military service


  • Deliberate pacing might feel slow for some viewers
  • Focus on character development might overshadow action for some

Final Verdict:

“D.P.2” is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant drama that delves deeper into the complex world of the D.P. unit. If you enjoyed the first season and appreciate character-driven narratives with a social message, then “D.P.2” is a must-watch. However, if you’re looking for a fast-paced action drama, you might find its slow burn and focus on emotional exploration less engaging.

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