The Good Bad Mother Drama Review

The Good Bad Mother Drama Review

The Good Bad Mother Drama Review: “The Good Bad Mother,” a 2023 Korean drama, tackles the often-untamed territory of motherhood with unflinching honesty. This heartwarming yet heartbreaking story explores the sacrifices mothers make, the societal pressures they face, and the blurred lines between love and obsession. Led by a phenomenal performance from Ra Mi-Ran, the show offers a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experience.

The Good Bad Mother Drama Review

A Mother’s Fierce Love

The narrative centers around Young-Soon (Ra Mi-Ran), a single mother consumed by her desire for her son Kang-Ho (Lee Do-Hyun) to succeed. Young-Soon’s relentless pursuit of her son’s academic achievements stems from a deep-seated love and a yearning to provide him with a better life than she had. However, her methods often border on extreme, creating a strained and codependent relationship between mother and son.

Ra Mi-Ran Delivers a Stellar Performance

Ra Mi-Ran’s portrayal of Young-Soon is the heart and soul of the show. She seamlessly transitions between moments of fierce protectiveness and desperate vulnerability, showcasing the complexities of motherhood. Lee Do-Hyun also delivers a nuanced performance as Kang-Ho, a young man grappling with his mother’s expectations and his own desires.

Beyond the Stereotypes: A Nuanced Exploration

“The Good Bad Mother” avoids portraying Young-Soon as a one-dimensional character. We see her struggles with poverty, societal pressures on single mothers, and her own past trauma. The show doesn’t shy away from depicting the negative consequences of her actions, but it also allows viewers to understand the motivations behind her choices.

A Touch of Humor Lightens the Mood

Despite its heavy subject matter, the show injects moments of humor through interactions with Young-Soon’s neighbors and her unexpected foray into pig farming. This comedic relief helps to balance the emotional intensity and prevents the narrative from becoming overly bleak.

Not Without Its Flaws: Pacing and Predictability

While the performances are top-notch, the pacing can be uneven at times. Certain plot points unfold rapidly, while others feel underdeveloped. Additionally, some plot developments, particularly in the later episodes, veer into the predictable.

A Show That Sparks Conversation

“The Good Bad Mother” is a show that will stay with you long after the credits roll. It prompts reflection on the sacrifices mothers make, the societal expectations they face, and the importance of communication within families.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Powerful performances by Ra Mi-Ran and Lee Do-Hyun, nuanced exploration of motherhood’s complexities, avoids stereotypical portrayals, well-balanced blend of humor and emotion.
  • Weaknesses: Uneven pacing, some predictable plot developments.
  • Overall: A thought-provoking and emotionally resonant drama that offers a refreshingly honest look at the challenges and rewards of motherhood.


“The Good Bad Mother” is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates character-driven dramas that explore complex family dynamics. It’s particularly appealing to viewers interested in stories that challenge traditional motherhood narratives. However, those seeking a fast-paced plot with unexpected twists might find the show’s pacing and predictability a hurdle.

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