The Glory Part 2 Drama Review

The Glory Part 2 Drama Review

The Glory Part 2 Drama Review: The Glory Part 2 Drama Review: Following the captivating first part, “The Glory” returned for a highly anticipated second installment in early 2023. While the show delivers a satisfying conclusion to Moon Dong-Eun’s (Song Hye-Kyo) intricate revenge plan, it falls short of the raw emotional intensity and suspense that gripped viewers in the first half.

The Glory Part 2 Drama Review

Revenge Served Cold: A Calculated Plan Unfolds

Part 2 picks up where the first left off, with Dong-Eun meticulously executing her plan to dismantle the lives of her childhood bullies. We witness her calculated manipulation of Park Yeon-Jin (Lim Ji-Yeon) and her inner circle, exploiting their greed and insecurities. The thrill of seeing Dong-Eun orchestrate her revenge remains present, but the element of surprise is diminished.

A Shift in Focus: From Emotional Vulnerability to Strategic Maneuvers

The emotional vulnerability that made Dong-Eun such a compelling character in Part 1 takes a backseat in Part 2. Her focus narrows on achieving revenge with laser-like precision. While this shift is understandable, it leaves viewers yearning for a deeper exploration of the emotional toll her past trauma continues to take.

New Alliances and Shifting Dynamics

The introduction of new characters, including a mysterious benefactor and a potential love interest for Dong-Eun, adds intrigue to the narrative. However, these characters don’t receive enough development to fully resonate with viewers. The established relationships, particularly between Dong-Eun and her fellow teacher, feel less explored compared to Part 1.

A Visually Striking and Well-Acted Drama

Despite its narrative shortcomings, “The Glory” Part 2 remains a visually stunning and well-acted drama. The cinematography is stylish, and the production design effectively creates a tense and atmospheric world. Song Hye-Kyo delivers a powerful performance, showcasing Dong-Eun’s steely resolve and simmering anger. The supporting cast also delivers solid performances, particularly Lim Ji-Yeon as the increasingly desperate Yeon-Jin.

A Conclusion Lacks Emotional Depth

While the ending provides closure for Dong-Eun’s revenge quest, it feels somewhat rushed and lacks the emotional depth present in the first part. The consequences of her actions, both for herself and those around her, are not fully explored, leaving viewers with a sense of incompleteness.

A Show Worth Watching, But Not a Match for Its Predecessor

“The Glory” Part 2 delivers a satisfying conclusion to the revenge plot, but it doesn’t quite recapture the emotional intensity and well-rounded character development of Part 1. Fans of the first season will likely want to see the story through to its end, but they should be prepared for a shift in tone and focus.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Satisfying conclusion to the revenge plot, visually striking, strong performances by Song Hye-Kyo and the cast.
  • Weaknesses: Less focus on Dong-Eun’s emotional vulnerability compared to Part 1, underdeveloped new characters, rushed ending lacks emotional depth.
  • Overall: A well-acted and visually appealing conclusion to the story, but it fails to match the emotional impact of Part 1.


If you enjoyed the first part of “The Glory,” then Part 2 is worth watching to see how Dong-Eun’s revenge unfolds. However, those seeking a deeper exploration of the characters’ emotional journeys and the psychological complexities of revenge might be disappointed.

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