Revenant Drama Review

Revenant Drama Review

Revenant Drama Review: “Revenant,” a 2023 Korean drama, takes viewers on a chilling journey through grief, possession, and the blurred lines between reality and the supernatural. Led by a captivating performance from Kim Tae-ri, the show offers a unique blend of psychological horror and folklore, but its execution falters at times, leaving a lingering sense of missed potential.

Revenant Drama Review

A Haunting Premise with Emotional Depth

The story revolves around Ku San-Young (Kim Tae-ri), a hardworking young woman grappling with the recent death of her father. As she navigates grief and struggles with financial burdens, she receives a mysterious relic from her father. Soon after, strange occurrences begin to plague her, and she suspects a supernatural connection.

The show excels in its portrayal of San-Young’s emotional journey. Kim Tae-ri delivers a nuanced performance, capturing the character’s vulnerability, desperation, and growing fear. We see her wrestle with grief, guilt, and the possibility of her father’s spirit returning in a malevolent form.

Korean Folklore Meets Modern Horror

“Revenant” draws inspiration from Korean folklore, weaving elements of shamanism and ancestral spirits into the narrative. This cultural touchstone adds a layer of depth and intrigue, particularly for viewers unfamiliar with Korean belief systems. The show’s use of shadows, unsettling soundscapes, and slow-burn suspense effectively creates a sense of unease.

A Slow Burn with Occasional Pacing Issues

While the deliberate pacing allows the show to explore San-Young’s emotional state in detail, it can feel sluggish at times. The initial episodes focus heavily on building atmosphere and establishing the character’s backstory. However, this can leave viewers waiting for the supernatural elements to truly take hold.

Uneven Support and Missed Explanations

The supporting characters, including San-Young’s friends and a potentially helpful shaman, lack depth and development. Their motivations and roles in the narrative feel underdeveloped, which lessens their impact. Additionally, the show leaves some aspects of the supernatural unexplained, creating a sense of ambiguity that might frustrate some viewers.

A Show That Stays With You, Despite Flaws

Despite its pacing issues and underdeveloped supporting characters, “Revenant” lingers in the mind long after the credits roll. The show’s exploration of grief, the power of family bonds, and the fear of the unknown is deeply affecting. Kim Tae-ri’s performance deserves high praise, and the show’s unique blend of Korean folklore and modern horror offers a refreshing perspective on the genre.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Captivating performance by Kim Tae-ri, exploration of grief and loss, unique blend of Korean folklore and modern horror, effective use of atmosphere and suspense.
  • Weaknesses: Slow pacing in early episodes, underdeveloped supporting characters, lack of explanation for some supernatural elements.
  • Overall: A thought-provoking and chilling drama that excels in its emotional core and cultural influences. However, uneven pacing and underdeveloped supporting characters hold it back from reaching its full potential.


“Revenant” is a must-watch for fans of Korean dramas with a strong female lead and a focus on psychological horror. Those seeking a fast-paced thrill ride might find the slow burn frustrating. However, viewers who appreciate shows that explore the complexities of grief and the power of cultural beliefs will find “Revenant” to be a hauntingly beautiful experience.

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