My Dearest Drama Review

My Dearest Drama Review

My Dearest Drama Review: “My Dearest,” a 2023 Korean drama, captivated audiences with its blend of historical romance, political intrigue, and action. Anchored by powerful performances and a captivating central couple, the show offers a thrilling journey through a tumultuous period in Korean history.

My Dearest Drama Review

A Love Story Forged in Hardship

Set against the backdrop of the Qing Dynasty’s invasion of Joseon Korea, “My Dearest” tells the story of Yoo Gil-Chae (Ahn Eun-Jin) and Jang Hyun (Namgoong Min). Gil-Chae, a fiery and intelligent noblewoman, finds her life turned upside down by the war. Jang Hyun, a skilled warrior with a mysterious past, enters her life as she seeks to protect her family and homeland.

The chemistry between Ahn Eun-Jin and Namgoong Min is undeniable. They portray the evolution of their relationship from initial distrust to passionate love with remarkable nuance. Gil-Chae defies the typical damsel-in-distress trope, emerging as a resourceful and courageous heroine. Jang Hyun’s stoic exterior hides a deep well of vulnerability, making him a compelling love interest.

Beyond Romance: A Glimpse into War’s Devastation

“My Dearest” doesn’t shy away from depicting the brutality of war. We witness the devastation it wreaks on both sides of the conflict, from the loss of life to the displacement of civilians. The show also explores the social injustices faced by women and the lower classes during this tumultuous period.

High Production Values Enhance the Storytelling

The production value of “My Dearest” is top-notch. The costume design and set recreations meticulously bring the Joseon era to life. The action sequences are thrillingly choreographed and filmed, adding an extra layer of excitement to the narrative.

A Touch of Melodrama Adds Emotional Depth

The show incorporates elements of melodrama, particularly in the later episodes. While this can be emotionally impactful at times, it might feel excessive for some viewers. Some plot twists and character motivations can also veer into predictability.

A Must-Watch for Historical Romance Fans

Despite minor pacing issues and occasional melodramatic flourishes, “My Dearest” remains a thoroughly enjoyable historical romance. The strong central performances, captivating story, and impressive production values make it a captivating watch.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Captivating central couple with superb performances, well-developed female lead, doesn’t shy away from war’s brutality, high production values.
  • Weaknesses: Occasional melodrama and predictable plot elements in later episodes.
  • Overall: A thrilling and emotional historical romance with a strong emphasis on female empowerment.


“My Dearest” is a perfect choice for fans of Korean historical dramas with a strong romance element. Those seeking a nuanced portrayal of war’s impact and a heroine who defies expectations will find much to appreciate. However, viewers who prefer a more restrained narrative might find the melodrama overbearing at times.

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