Dr. Romantic Season 3 Drama Review

Dr. Romantic Season 3 Drama Review

Dr. Romantic Season 3 Drama Review: Following the success of the first two seasons, Dr. Romantic returned for a third installment in 2023. While the show retains its core strengths – a captivating medical drama with heart, humor, and a focus on social commentary – it struggles to recapture the magic of the previous seasons.

Dr. Romantic Season 3 Drama Review

A Return to Doldam Hospital: Familiar Faces, New Challenges

Season 3 reunites viewers with the beloved characters of Doldam Hospital, led by the genius yet gruff Dr. Kim (Han Suk-kyu). We see the return of familiar faces like Seo Woo-Jin (Ahn Hyo-Seop) and Cha Eun-Jae (Lee Sung-Kyung), who have grown and matured since their residencies. This season also introduces a new batch of residents, each with their own unique personalities and struggles.

Clashing Ideals and Medical Ethics at the Forefront

The season delves into the challenges faced by a small, underfunded hospital like Doldam. It tackles real-world issues like profit-driven healthcare and the pressures faced by medical professionals in a competitive environment. This social commentary adds a layer of depth and relevance to the narrative.

A Well-Acted Ensemble Cast Delivers

The show continues to benefit from its strong cast. Han Suk-kyu remains a captivating presence as Dr. Kim, and the returning cast members comfortably slip back into their respective roles. The new residents, played by a talented group of young actors, bring fresh energy to the dynamic.

More Drama, Less Heart?

While the medical cases are often complex and engaging, Season 3 feels more melodrama-heavy compared to its predecessors. The balance between heartwarming moments and intense medical situations is somewhat skewed, leaving viewers with a sense of less emotional connection to the characters.

A Familiar Formula Can Feel Repetitive

The overall structure of the season feels somewhat formulaic. Each episode features a new medical case, often accompanied by personal struggles for the residents. While this approach worked well in previous seasons, here it can feel repetitive at times.

A Show Still Worth Watching, But Not a Groundbreaking Entry

Despite its shortcomings, Dr. Romantic Season 3 remains an entertaining medical drama. The focus on social commentary, the strong performances by the cast, and the return of beloved characters will likely please fans of the series. However, viewers seeking a groundbreaking new season with a fresh narrative approach might be left wanting.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Strong performances by the cast, tackles relevant social issues in healthcare, engaging medical cases.
  • Weaknesses: Melodrama-heavy compared to previous seasons, formulaic structure can feel repetitive, lacks the emotional depth of earlier seasons.
  • Overall: A familiar and comforting medical drama with a focus on social commentary. However, it fails to innovate or recapture the magic of the first two seasons.


Dr. Romantic Season 3 is a good choice for fans of the series and viewers who enjoy medical dramas with a touch of social commentary. However, those seeking a show with a more unique narrative or a deeper emotional connection to the characters might want to look elsewhere.

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