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Agency Drama Review

Agency Drama Review

Agency Drama Review: Released in early 2023, “Agency” stormed the Korean drama scene with its captivating portrayal of a woman defying the odds in the ruthless world of advertising. The show centers on Go Ah-In (played by the phenomenal Song Hye-Kyo), a tenacious copywriter determined to become the first female executive at VC Planning, a prestigious advertising agency. “Agency” delivers a potent blend of office drama, corporate intrigue, and feminist themes, offering a compelling, albeit occasionally uneven, watch.

Agency Drama Review

A Force to Be Reckoned With: Song Hye-Kyo Commands the Screen

The series hinges on Song Hye-Kyo’s electrifying performance. She embodies Go Ah-In’s ambition and steely resolve with remarkable precision. Ah-In is a complex character, hardened by past experiences yet harboring a flicker of vulnerability. Song Hye-Kyo masterfully portrays this duality, making Ah-In both fierce competitor and relatable underdog.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling: A Celebration of Female Power

“Agency” shines in its exploration of female empowerment. Ah-In navigates a male-dominated industry, constantly facing sexism and underestimation. The show doesn’t shy away from portraying the challenges women face in the workplace, from unfair treatment to the pressure to prioritize family over career. However, it also celebrates Ah-In’s resilience and strategic brilliance as she dismantles these barriers. The narrative inspires, showcasing the power of determination and self-belief in achieving seemingly impossible goals.

The Adrenaline Rush of Corporate Warfare

The fast-paced world of advertising forms the backdrop for “Agency.” We witness intense brainstorming sessions, high-stakes client pitches, and ruthless backstabbing. The show thrives on the constant tension, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as Ah-In navigates the treacherous corporate landscape. The intricate office politics add another layer of intrigue, showcasing the complex power dynamics at play within the agency.

A Glimpse Behind the Curtain: Unveiling the Ad World

For those interested in the world of advertising, “Agency” offers a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes. The show delves into the processes behind crafting compelling campaigns and the delicate dance between creativity and client demands. We see the emotional investment and dedication poured into each project, highlighting the passion that drives those in the advertising industry.

Balancing Ambition with Humanity: A Missed Opportunity?

While “Agency” excels in portraying Ah-In’s ambition and strategic prowess, it occasionally falters in exploring her personal life. The supporting characters, including her love interest and family members, feel underdeveloped, serving primarily as plot devices rather than fully fleshed-out individuals. This focus on the professional sphere creates a sense of imbalance, making Ah-In feel somewhat one-dimensional at times. A deeper exploration of her personal motivations and emotional vulnerabilities could have added further depth to her character arc.

A Show That Leaves You Wanting More

The ending of “Agency” treads a fine line between satisfying and open-ended. While it provides closure for Ah-In’s immediate goals, it leaves room for further exploration of her journey. This might leave some viewers wanting more, particularly those invested in her long-term career prospects and potential personal growth.

Overall: A Riveting Exploration of Ambition and Female Power

Despite minor shortcomings, “Agency” remains a captivating and thought-provoking drama. Its fast-paced narrative, Song Hye-Kyo’s stellar performance, and exploration of feminist themes make for a compelling watch. The show resonates with those who admire strong female leads and enjoy a dose of cutthroat office drama.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Powerful performance by Song Hye-Kyo, celebration of female empowerment, fast-paced and suspenseful narrative, interesting look behind the scenes of the advertising world.
  • Weaknesses: Underdeveloped supporting characters, focus on the professional sphere neglects personal exploration, ending might leave some viewers wanting more.
  • Overall: A well-acted and thought-provoking drama that celebrates ambition and female power in a cutthroat corporate environment.


“Agency” is a must-watch for fans of office dramas with strong female leads. Its exploration of the advertising world and themes of female empowerment make it a particularly appealing choice for viewers interested in these aspects. However, those seeking a well-rounded exploration of a protagonist’s personal life might find the show lacking in this area.

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  • Compare “Agency” to other Korean dramas that explore the lives of working women. How does it differ in its portrayal of ambition and office politics?